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  • Perfect Combination of BHB and Carbs
  • Improves Performance While Maintaining Fat Burning
  • Carb10™ Zero-Impact Pea Starch
  • goBHB® Beta-Hydroxybutyrate
  • The Ultimate Training Fuel
  • Maintaining a low-carb or ketogenic lifestyle is okay for those who are not active. By no coincidence whatsoever, these are the conditions that the ketogenic diet was first investigated and, for the most part, continues to be investigated today.

    For those that perform 0 exercise, they get 0 carbs. In actuality, walking and other minimal acts of physical activity translate to the accepted 30-50g range for carb intake. Few have stopped to ask, “what if I do more than just walk around?”

    For those daring to question, we have the answer. You simply get more carbs! The body simply can ONLY burn carbs when exercising at high intensity. If you’ve ever felt your muscles burning – that’s high intensity!

    This is exciting news, but there is a right way and a wrong way to strategically adding carbs to your diet. First, consider amounts. Second, consider the glycemic index. For most workouts, ~20g of carbs will cover your body’s needs for what it will burn during exercise (though hundreds may be required – y’all know who you are).

    As for the glycemic index of carbs, low GI are better for maintaining ketosis while high GI are better for quickly increasing the available carbohydrate necessary to fuel exercise. Ideally, a combination mostly composed of low-GI with just enough high-GI are used to power training sessions and drive adaptations, like enhanced fat loss, muscle gain, strength, and endurance.

    SuperCarb™ was engineered specifically for this purpose – it is the perfect carb source for low-carb and keto dieters. That’s not just because SuperCarb™ has an optimal distribution of low-GI and high-GI carbs, but because it contains BHB, virtually guaranteeing that you will not void your ketogenic state!

    • Carb10® has virtually no impact on blood insulin or glucose levels, yet provides carbohydrate to fuel muscles.
    • That’s not all, Carb10® has resistant starch properties, benefiting the gut.
    • HBCD & Carb10® are proven performance-enhancers, improving muscular endurance and explosiveness.
    • goBHB® ketones provide alternative fuel substrate and maintain ketosis.
    • Precisely selected ratio of BHB salts provide optimal electrolytes to replace what you lose in sweat.

    For those that have ever felt like exercising was a little more difficult or you couldn’t quite get a pump like you used to, some of that has to do with carb shortage. Remember, high-intensity exercise – the kind that makes your muscles burn – requires carbs. If you’re not feeling the burn, maybe you just need some carbs – some SuperCarb™!